Sunday, June 28, 2015

Taken: A Review

Hang on, friends!  Taken, by Dee Henderson, is her newest action-packed, intelligently written
offering to the world of fiction crime novels.  This book does not disappoint!  It digs deep into the psychology of victims of abduction/assault, and the difficulties they face after freedom trying to acclimate to a society that has been, for the most part, absent from their lives.  The man or woman freed must learn to operate within this society while at the same time dealing with the hurt, fear, psychological torments endured at the hands of their captors.

You will meet two lovely main characters in this book that made me long for more, as well as a whole host of supporting characters with deep storylines all their own.  Private investigator, Matthew Dane, experienced the restoration of a lost child and is intentionally sought out by the one who found her freedom, Shannon Bliss.  Theirs is a story of healing, transformation, deep friendship, trust, and abiding companionship.

I anxiously await the next chapter . . .

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