Sunday, January 11, 2015

Left Behind. Please. Don't Even.

Although I do realize this topic isn't an important one in the Jesus Kingdom-economy, I believe a distortion of God's Word concerning the End Times can be extremely dangerous.  The premillennial dispensational eschatology never made much sense to me no matter how many commentaries, books on Systematic Theology, or popular authors preaching that genre I read.  It didn't make sense to me then, and it sure doesn't now.  I was terrified of that teaching growing up.  Absolutely terrified.  I would hide underneath my bed every time the moon was red-tinged, I would freak out if I couldn't get a hold of someone because, God forbid, what if I was left behind??  And I certainly never had any happy thoughts of leaving behind others so I could experience a "beam me up, God" moment while the rest of the Earth went to hell.  I am, by deep conviction and intense study, Amillennial in my eschatology, and happily so.  It is a place of peace that also teaches the Christian to be ready regardless because, as the Apostle's Creed attests, "He will come again to judge the living and the dead" . . . We have to have grace with this, I know.  And I don't expect earnest seekers to all come to the same conclusions I have either.   That is fine!!  What I do take issue with, and what I have been accused of, is the idea that if one does not hold to premillennial dispensationalism, then one is not a true believer.  This is wrong and dangerous to teach. 

Anyway, this is why my children will NOT see Left Behind, and I will never encourage them to read the books (they are free to read them, of course, but I won't be picking up any copies willingly).  If you are curious as to why I feel so passionately about this topic, please feel free to click on one of the links below that all well represent my concerns for Biblical honesty in our Eschatology (by the way, that fancy-shmancy word just means study of the end times).  Without further ado . . .

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