Monday, December 17, 2012

And Then There's More . . .

I can't believe how long I've been out of the blogging scene!  Why haven't I been around?  Well, my netbook crashed, and I really don't enjoy "typing" on my iPad.  I'm too cheap to go purchase a new computer.  HOWEVER, I have still been very busy crafting!  I opened a store awhile back, and frankly, it's not going well.  I typically get tons of requests and initial orders, but the follow through is lacking.  I'm planning to be more proactive after the first of the year.

I've been enjoying plunging the depths of my pattern portfolio, finally getting to some that I have wanted to do for so long!  I just love everything by Holland Designs, so I spend a lot of time with her patterns.  Here's what I've been up to since my last blog . . . .

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The heart grows fonder . . .

Have you missed me?  I have been busy hooking, but I forgot to post updates!  Coming soon . . .

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Hooking

Our church is doing a prayer shawl ministry project in which I'm super excited!  I love crocheting up beautiful shawls for others!  I'm also plugging away on baby headbands and a couple beautiful newborn hats for an order.  I am also gearing up for my fall outreach project, in which I do believe there will be 2 different projects, both of which take a half hour or less to complete each project if only committing to making one.  More on that to come . . . In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to list my favorite prayer shawl yarns that are available in craft stores or on-line:

Craft Stores:

Lion Brand Microspun in neutrals makes the loveliest shawl when using shell stitches.  It's silky to the touch and easy to care for.

Caron Simply Soft is an easy care, light yarn with a lovely sheen that crochets nicely with any stitch.

Bernat Satin is great with a J hook and a stitch that is worked in the back loop only.  It's soft/drapey, but it's also very sturdy.

Caron Spa is one of my new favorites and looks lovely with any stitch as well, and I love using this yarn for knit-look shawls as it is a weight 3.

Knit Picks Shine Sport is also a favorite for the knit-look shawls.  It wears very nicely, is super soft to the touch, and has a lovely sheen.

For bulkier weight yarns, I really love Lion Brand's "Nature's Choice Organic Cotton".  It is soft, can be machine washed/dryed on gentle, and is very comfortable to wear against the skin. 

Lion Brand's "Vanna's Choice", though not classified as bulky, works great with a pattern calling for bulky yarn.  It pills a bit, but it's super soft to the touch.

Other SUPER SOFT worsted weights I frequently use when an acrylic yarn is required:

Red Heart "Soft"
Bernat "Waverly"
Lion Brand "Baby's First"

Otherwise, I purchase a LOT of yarn from KnitPicks.

I also love:

Paton's "Grace" line
Paton's "Bamboo Silk"
Stitch Nation "Bamboo Ewe" is my FAVORITE natural-blend yarn found in the stores. 

Hope this list helps you the next time you are trying to decide what's soft/what isn't!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Chick and Feathers

Just a couple projects I finished--a wide headband with a cute flower clip and a chick hat.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Just finished my tomato hat pattern/demo for my shop!  SUPER excited!  I have several hats to finish up, including one using the amazing crocodile stitch (most enjoyable stitch I've ever done).  I also just finished up a lemon : ).